ICAV Second Symposium - Paris, France

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Mars 2005 - Paris, France

paris_participantsThe initiative expanded quickly after that first meeting - many new research partners and institutes joined the Consortium within months. In particular, a link was established between ICAV and the Institut Pasteur in Paris that has continued to grow. The Institut Pasteur is an ideal partner with multiple Institutes around the world – many of them in under-developed and rapidly developing countries. During this time ICAV members also identified and established contact with other international, government, industry, philanthropic and political groups with common goals. In order to most effectively integrate new collaborators and inform other interested groups regarding the ICAV model, a Second ICAV Symposium was arranged.

Our strong partnership with France was evidenced by the commitment of the Institut Pasteur and the French Ministries of Health and of Research to host and largely fund the Symposium, which was held in Paris in March 2005. Canadian participation was generously supported by the Going Global S&T program funds as well as by contributions from the Canadian and Ontario governments, PENCE and Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. Over 70 participants from the international scientific community, industry and government attended this highly successful and productive meeting.