ICAV African Regional Office

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Located at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, the ICAV African Regional Office is a crucial node in ICAV’s international network, integrating African scientists and experts into the ICAV’s drug discovery and development process. The office has a mandate to incorporate African scientists into ICAV’s scientific network and coordinate annual regional conferences and training sessions.


The majority of people affected by viral disease are located in lower- and middle income countries (LMI). For a drug to be effective, it must be designed with the realities of these regions in mind. Consequently, the input of scientists from Africa and other LMIs is very important for the development of effective and accessible anti-virals.

The ongoing goals of the ICAV African Regional Office are to:

  • foster partnerships and collaborations between African and international scientists, experts and other stakeholders;
  • incorporate data and experience of regional scientists into ICAV’s drug development process; and
  • build regional capacity to achieve self-sufficiency in anti-viral drug research and development.