Dr Luis Barreto

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barreto_luisM.B.B.S., M.D., M.H.Sc., Special Advisor – Vaccine Program / National Research Council

Dr Barreto is the former Vice President, Immunization and Science Policy for Sanofi Pasteur Limited. He was born and educated in India where he completed his medical degree and post-graduate degree in community medicine in 1975. After completing his master's degree in health sciences, in Community Medicine and Epidemiology, at the University of Toronto in 1982, he worked as a territorial epidemiologist for the government of the Northwest Territories. At Sanofi Pasteur, he has held a number of senior leadership positions including Director Medical and Clinical Affairs, Vice-President Medical, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, and Director Corporate Public Policy-International Public Health Affairs.

Dr. Barreto has been involved with and has led various vaccine clinical trials in Canada, the United States, and internationally: measles, BCG-IT, smallpox, haemophilus type b, polio, acellular pertussis, as well as various combination vaccines, including the acellular pertussis combination Pentavalent vaccine for children (PentacelTM and PediacelTM) and Adolescent and Adult Pertussis and Polio vaccines (AdacelTM ) and (RepevaxTM).

Published extensively in scientific journals, Dr. Barreto has managed bio-security issues for Sanofi Pasteur in Canada and helped organize the Canadian Conference on Counter-Terrorism and Public Health. He coordinated the production and delivery of smallpox vaccine for the Canadian government. He has represented Sanofi Pasteur in international organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), Children's Vaccine Program (CVP) and the World Bank.

Dr. Barreto was part of CIHR-III SARS Consortium and a member of CIHIR-III Pandemic Scientific Advisory Group. He was also member of the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada's H1N1 Pandemic Advisory Group. Dr Barreto was a member various BIOTECanada's committees including Health Policy Committee and co-chair of the Government Relations Committee. He is a member of various Boards including Research Canada, PREVENT (NCE). He is currently the Chair of the VIDO/InterVAC Board in Saskatchewan. He was recently appointed to be a member of the core team of the working group on Funding and Political support for the Decade of Vaccines (DoV) initiative by the Gates Foundation.