Jeremy Carver, BA, PhD

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director_carverPresident, CEO & Co-founder, ICAV

Dr. Carver is the Founding President, CEO and CSO of the International Consortium on Anti-Virals (ICAV-CITAV) an organization of over 200 scientists from 24 countries that is dedicated to discovering and delivering low-cost anti-viral drugs to low and middle income countries. He is Emeritus Professor at the University of Toronto and an Honorary Conjunct Professor at Trent University, he also Chairs the Advisory Board of the National Research Council of Canada’s Institute for Biological Sciences. Founding President, CEO and CSO of GlycoDesign Inc (1994 -2002), a biotech company that in 2001 received the Friesen-Rygiel Award he was a Professor (1968-94) and Associate Dean Basic Science (1989-1992), Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. He received a Ph.D. (Biophysics, Harvard University) and an Hons. B.A. (Physics, University of Toronto), a Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellowship (Oxford University) and a World Trade Visiting Scientist Award (IBM Watson Labs).